Premium lawn soil

Many products are sold as topsoil but not all contain the structure and nutrients necessary for lawns, gardens or landscaping plants to thrive. Hardware stores and garden centers mostly sell topsoil in bags.

For large applications, it is more cost effective to purchase bulk topsoil from a landscape product supplier or other local source. A pound bag contains up to 1 cubic foot of topsoil, depending on its moisture content and the type of organic material.

At this rate, purchasing topsoil in bags is only suitable for very small areas. For example, to cover 1, square feet to a depth of 4 inches for a new garden or lawn, you will need 12 cubic yards of topsoil. The price per cubic yard may decrease with larger quantities.

To calculate the amount of topsoil you needfactor in the planting area and depth of soil you need. When ordering, verify whether the delivery charge is included.

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Your topsoil will probably be dumped in the driveway, so expect to have to cart it by wheelbarrow to the parts of the yard where it's needed. A cubic yard weighs about a ton, so for large areas, you may want to inquire about additional charges for spreading the material.

The term "topsoil" refers to the top several inches of soil, however the term can be loosely used. If you see what looks like a bargain price for topsoil, be sure it is not just fill dirt.

There are usually reviews on products from big box garden stores. When leveling a site for construction, building contractors scrape off the top layers of soil, which may be suitable to use as topsoil but may also contain unwanted debris and be devoid of organic matter.

Topsoil that is more finely screened is more expensive than regular topsoil. You may also be able to find topsoil that is amended with compost or composted manure, especially if you are close to a rural area. Lisa Jensen grows organic food and lives in an adobe house that she built. She teaches aikido, is an experienced back-country skier and backpacker and is active in her community. A graduate of the University of Calgary, Jensen writes about gardening, home projects, social sciences and sports and recreation.

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Share this article. Lisa Jensen. Show Comments.Keep your yard in peak performance with quality products from Agway. We carry a large range of products for your lawn and garden. Starting with a crabgrass preventer and fertilizer in the early spring, moving to weed control and ending with a boost of fertilizer to help your lawn through the cold winter months. Available in 5M and 15M programs. Greenlawn Fertilizer is designed to give our customers a great lawn at an economical price.

Available in both straight fertilizers along with combination products, there is a product sure to fit your needs. Well adapted to full sun and moderate shade, containing a water absorbing polymer around the seed which retains and saves water to enhance seed germination and grass establishment.

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Ready Green also contains a micro nutrient package of magnesium, manganese, zinc and iron, which is essential for proper plant growth and maintenance. Grows well in full sun to medium shade. Ideally suited to full or partially shaded areas.

It is a blend of Fine Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass and will grow well in a variety of soils while producing an attractive turf that needs medium maintenance. It blends with existing turf grasses in a lawn area well.

Is tolerant to medium traffic and requires medium to low maintenance. Ideal for flowers, vegetables, and landscape plantings. Supports beneficial soil organisms and contains natural calcium for stronger roots and larger plants.

OMRI Certified. Natural organic fertilizer for fertilizing lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs. A superb natural nitrogen source, excellent for lawns and gardens.

premium lawn soil

Convenient granulated form for easy application. Apply in early spring and again in late fall if rebuilding soil. Start your garden right with Agway premium soils and peat moss. Our premium soils can be used for growing vegetables, fruits and flowers along with providing a healthier lawn.

Nourishes plants and supports their growth. Agway peat moss provides a natural, organic medium that improves the structure of the soil, while reducing the need for watering and providing an anchor for root development. Every great landscape starts with a strong, dependable landscape fabric.

From 5 year to 15 year, Agway has you covered. Top off that landscape with one of our Agway mulch products in either hardwood, pine or our colored mulch line. Agway Sprayers are the perfect way to apply many of our chemicals. Using concentrates offers additional value over the ready to use products. Agway offers a full line of long handle garden tools by Alterra Tools Limited.

Available in either full length or D-handle styles. An over-molded handle protects the inner fiberglass core for long-lasting durability and a comfortable grip.

Shovels, garden hoes, cultivators and rakes, we have you covered. Your local Agway may also carry a large selection of the top national branded lawn and garden products from trusted suppliers like The Scotts Company, Lebanon Seaboard and Bonide. Toggle navigation About Who is Agway?Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments.

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premium lawn soil

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Please place all orders online or over the phone. Stay safe! Central Sod has been growing premium turfgrass for 40 years. Browse our articles and find out how to have the best lawn on the block! Installing sod is easy after reading this guide! Follow the steps outlined in the article and you'll have a new lawn in no time! Your lawn is a living plant, and its appearance reflects the care that you put into it.

Follow these guides to grow a lawn that looks like a sod field! Even those blessed with a green thumb can encounter turfgrass issues from time to time.

Learn how the experts diagnose and correct the most common turf hiccups with our lawn problem solvers! It is important to differentiate between topsoil and garden soil for most applications. Many factors should be considered when you choose your soil and soil provider since different attributes will be beneficial depending on what the soil is used for. It is useful for grading and is sometimes used for direct planting if it is of suitable quality.

The actual composition of this soil will depend on local soil since topsoil is not typically shipped very far due to freight costs.

Maryland soil can run from very sandy towards the water, to clay-based in the middle of the state, to rocky out west. Virginia typically has a very high clay content. Delaware soil is generally sandy. Garden soil is topsoil enriched with compost and organic matter to make it better suited to actual plant growth.

The addition of compost will reduce compaction and also provide nutrients that will feed the plants over many years. While this soil is more expensive initially, it oftentimes pays for itself due to improved plant health, reduced irrigation requirements, and better long-term results. Our dark Terra-Tote soil is the best garden soil available in the Mid-Atlantic.

Top Dressing and Top Soiling your Lawn

We deliver in tidy bulk bags which means no mess! We can even drop the bag close to where you are working with our forklift. Check out our Terra-Totes online or give us a ring at !

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Topsoil vs Garden Soil

Central Sod Farms, Inc. Ask the Experts Central Sod has been growing premium turfgrass for 40 years.

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See All Articles. Turf Troubleshooting Even those blessed with a green thumb can encounter turfgrass issues from time to time.Online Price More Information.

Learn More Additional Rebate Information. Not available for purchase online. Please visit a Menards store for information and to purchase.

Contact a store for delivery options. This soil contains slow release fertilizer which will feed your plants for up to nine months. It is ideal for flower beds and vegetable gardens, indoor or outdoors.

It is ready and easy to use. Click here to download it for free from Adobe's site. Please Note: This is an estimate. It is given only for general pricing information. Menards is not responsible for any loss incurred by the guest who relies on prices set forth herein or on the availability of any of the materials stated herein. Please enable Javascript by going to your browser settings. Your browser version is no longer supported! Final Price 5.


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Scotts Premium Topsoil, 0.75 cu. ft.

Special Features. Feeds your plants for up to 9 months, Contains a slow release fertilizer. View Return Policy. Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store.

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Terms and conditions available at www. Size Estimation - Choose from the options below. Option 1 Rectangle Cylinder.Top-dressing addresses some common lawn problems, including:. Top-dressing gradually improves soil over time. As organic matter breaks down, it filters through the existing soil to improve texture and overall health.

Top-dressing can:. It can be done all at once, or in stages. I know one meticulous gardener who top-dresses small patches as he finds them, whereas I brought in a truckload of top-dressing mixture and had an autumn marathon.

Lawns should be aerated every years, and if yours is due, start with a nice core aeration. Core aeration removes plugs of soil from the ground and leaves channels for air, water, and our top-dressing mixture to penetrate the surface. For more information, see our article on Adventures in Aeration. For average loamy soil, mix these three ingredients equally. For sandy soil, reduce the sand. Another option is to purchase high-quality top-dressing mixture or bagged lawn soil. Check with your local landscape supply yard — they often have a blended topsoil mixture on hand.

Working a few square feet at a time, shovel out a small mound maybe shovelfuls of mixture onto your lawn. Spread the soil using something flat, like the back side of a heavy garden rake, working it into aeration holes and covering low spots. Keep working the mixture until your grass peeks through and the depth is even. I like to flip the garden rake back and forth from the flat side to the tine side, carefully combing the grass to get the top-dressing mixture settled on the soil surface.

For low spots requiring more than a couple of inches of top-dressing, first remove the existing sod to prevent underground decay that can damage new grass seedlings. After filling in the low spot, either replace the old sod or re-seed the area.

You can also address deeper spots by adding a couple of inches of top-dressing each year, slowly building it up over time. I would recommend watering the area well or top-dressing before a nice rainletting the mixture settle for a day or two, then go back with your rake and smooth out any little hollows or bumps that may develop. Now you can replant grass in any bare spots. Existing grass should be able to grow through as much as an inch of top-dressing. Trouble spots may need repeat applications, but regular, uniform top-dressing does not need to be an annual tradition.

Plan several light applications for troublesome yards, rather than one deep one.

Top-Dressing to Improve the Soil in Your Lawn

For overall organic soil amendment, a very light application of top-dressing brushed into aeration holes can improve the soil without raising the grade. Any clues as to why?? Hi Gail, I just tried printing it click on print button, then click on the print button on your computerand it worked okay for me. Very Good! I was thinking this would be the way to improve the soil. I am going to get a load of really good organic soil delivered to our place.This is good stuff.

I spread it at the base of my tomato and watermelon plants that's all I grow. It looks nutrient rich and acts as a mulch for my plants to help retain moisture. I've used this for the past couple years and never had any trouble with debris in the bags. The soil is rich and black and has a wonderful earthy scent to it. It's excellent as a seed starting medium or to mix in with other soils in raised beds.

Will keep buying it. First; my lawn is like a golf green apron. Combination of Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue. A tree had to be removed that was shading part of the lawn.

Bluegrass died because it is a cool climate grass and can't take full sun, so I had some patch work to do.

premium lawn soil

There are small bits of organic matter throughout and there is usually a distinct odor. I was ecstatic when I opened up the first bag and each subsequent bag. Texture was the same as the stuff I have delivered from the local nursery. Saved me a lot of time mixing my own batch.

The Average Cost for One Yard of Topsoil

New grass poked its head through 10 days later. Great stuff. Grass seed is Pennington. I bought 20 bags of this topsoil to build up my garden Either Louisville, KY is just a very fortunate locale to purchase Scotts Topsoil, or this product's new formula with Peat Moss added, has really improved.

I've used trashy topsoil before, this is NOT trashy topsoil. Good product; however, these bags are NOT 40 pounds each like other brands of topsoils. I had to purchase quite a bit of product just over 20 bags to get my lawn reseeding done so, I don't think I saved much money!

However, I think that for a big enough job as mine was, I wouldn't purchase this again. I would find another preferably local topsoil provider In today's economy, cost containment is key! Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.

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